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Downtown Salt Lake City from the roof of the LDS (Latter Day Saints) Conference Center in Salt Lake City, Utah on August 16, 2013.

Some of the most influential Mormons aren’t widely known., a Catholic news service, recently compiled a list of famous influential figures who were Mormon.

The list includes members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints who “have been changing the world for many years,” but who aren’t known for their Mormon faith.

For example, James C. Fletcher, whom Richard Nixon appointed to help secure funding for NASA programs, was Mormon. He served as president for the University of Utah, too, according to Catholic Say.

Sandy Petersen, creator of popular tabletop games, also made the list. Petersen created the game "Call of Cthulhu," which is a strategy-based role-playing game. He also worked on the video game “Doom” and helped with design for “Doom 2” and “Ages of Empires.”

And Gary Kurtz also made the list. He worked alongside George Lucas on “American Graffiti” before working on “Star Wars.” He worked specifically on the micro-details of the film, allowing Lucas to look at “big picture” material.

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