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Getting into college is anything but a walk in the park. Some colleges are harder to get into than others.

The academic review site recently ranked all colleges in the nation on how hard they are to get accepted into.

California Institute of Technology led the nation. It stood ahead of Harvard, Yale, University of Chicago and Princeton University, the rankings show.

These rankings are based on acceptance rates, SAT scores and ACT scores. The acceptance rates accounted for 60 percent of the ranking, while the scores accounted for a combined 40 percent, AOL News reported.

Niche also broke down the hardest colleges by state.

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In Utah, Brigham Young University ranked as the hardest to get into. Southern Utah University placed second ahead of University of Utah, Westminster College and Utah State University in the top five.

Northwest Nazarene University, University of Idaho and Boise State University topped the list in Idaho.

For Colorado, Colorado College, the United States Air Force Academy and the Colorado School of Mines proved hardest, the list showed.

Alaska, Delaware, Nevada and Wyoming have too little data on their colleges, which left them unranked by the website, according to AOL.