John Hart
Garden Tomb of Jesus Christ.

Achieving global peace with the end of wars and conflicts may be next to impossible in our current atmosphere of terrorism and political strife, but countless individuals throughout the world have found personal peace as they strive to emulate the life and teachings of the Prince of Peace, Jesus Christ.

Threats of war and global conflict are nothing new, and they continue to this day. Terrorists continue to target the innocent. Events in Syria have led to tens of millions of people fleeing their homes. North Korea continues to flaunt international law. Accusations between Russia and the United States continue on an almost-daily basis.

At times it may seem that finding peace in this life is impossible. Yet, while human policies, treaties, laws and rules are tentative at best, the Easter season is a time for Christians to celebrate the eternal hope and never-ending personal peace that can come because of the sacrifice and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

To his disciples, Jesus Christ declared, “In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world.”

The principles Jesus Christ taught his followers while he was on earth can, if they are applied correctly today, give individuals and nations the best chance to bring about real peace in the world.

These teachings have been misapplied during certain times in the world’s history, and some religious principles have been, and continue to be, misinterpreted and have brought about conflicts between individuals and even wars between nations and ideologies.

While those incidents should not be ignored, it is also important to note that if everyone in the world correctly practiced, for example, the principles Jesus taught in the Sermon on the Mount — including being meek, forgiving and generous and seeking to be a peacemaker — the world certainly would be a better place.

Easter, then, is a time for Christians to not only celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ and the hope that it brings, but also to recommit to follow his teachings and help bring about peace as much as possible in the world.

And as Christians rely on faith and the hope that comes from Christ’s declaration to “Be of good cheer,” countless people throughout the world will feel peace in their hearts during this Easter season despite the troubled times in which we live.

Ben Tullis is the editorial assistant for the Deseret News opinion section.


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