A photo of KSL Classifieds. On Thursday, The Atlantic published a lengthy feature on KSL Classifieds, a local Utah website where people can buy or sell cars, hot tubs and bikes for a low price.

On Tuesday, The Atlantic published a feature on the online marketplace KSL Classifieds.

Salt Lake City uniquely gravitates toward KSL Classifieds instead of Craigslist, which has captured the rest of the nation’s attention, The Atlantic reported.

“In Salt Lake City, Craigslist is an afterthought,” The Atlantic reported. “If you want to buy or sell a car or a cow or a hot tub in Salt Lake City or in one of the nearby towns in Utah, Wyoming or Idaho, you go to a local website called KSL Classifieds, which takes its name from local television and radio stations owned by an arm of the Mormon Church.”

KSL Classifieds is operated by Deseret Digital Media, a sister company of the Deseret News. Both are owned by Deseret Management Corporation.

Eric Bright, the company’s vice president of e-commerce, told The Atlantic that KSL Classifieds succeeds because of community.

“We’re a community marketplace, built by locals for locals,” he said.

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