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Working with Lemons collaborated with Camp Kostopulos for "Belle in Real Life."

Working with Lemons, a YouTube channel based in Utah, recently produced a video, “Belle in Real Life,” with the help of Camp Kostopulos, otherwise known as “Camp K.”

According to the video, the collaboration was in celebration of the 50th anniversary of the camp, which celebrates people of all abilities.

“Diversity is any group of people that can be categorized by gender, age, geographical location, sexual orientation, ethnicity, education, etc.,” reads the video description. “Camp K focuses on a new dimension - ability. Bringing people together with diverse backgrounds and experiences creates a very unique environment, which is the foundation for innovation, new experiences, and creating a very unique world view.”

The video creates a very unique view of this Disney classic.

Working with Lemons also put together a “Behind the scenes” video, showing how much preparation went into the film.

“So we’re trying to shoot a musical number,” says Robbie Bagley in the video. “But we haven’t choreographed, most of the people don’t know the song or the dance, so we’re going to see how it turns out.”

Filming the video offered the cast members an opportunity they may not have had otherwise. “When I’m at Camp K I feel like I don’t have a wheelchair,” one cast member said.

This video also uncovers how hard some of the cast members worked to learn their parts. “He found it on YouTube, and he sat and watched the lines over and over again...he’s really nervous,” said one woman on behalf of the man who played LeFou.