A reader recently submitted their opinion that the government is not appropriately entrusted with funds or a mandate to assist the poor and displaced. “Let charities do that” writes Oliver Meservy from Lehi (“Too Much Burden," March 25).

What this opinion misses is that charities themselves suffer from the downturn in federal interest in the well-being of the poor and vulnerable. Effective “charities” in your city have robust portfolios with large blocks of government funding in them (such as the IRC, YWCA, and UWSL). While stepping up as a donor when government is stepping back their role might feel good, the economics facing nonprofits to keep the attention and loyalties of small-size donors are just not that great. The impact of this sea-change on your favorite non-profits will be experienced directly in the work itself as they lose access to efficient money.

The proposed cuts to programs such as SNAP (food stamps) will hurt vulnerable Utahns now and in the future if they become law. So take a few minutes to contact your representatives and senators about these important matters, and if you're not sure how, check with results.org for help.

Jonathan Nellermoe

Salt Lake City