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Working with Lemons filmed a cover of "I am Moana" at the Polynesian Cultural Center in Hawaii

YouTubers from Utah showed off this week with some powerful videos highlighting elaborate stories, songs, costumes and places.

Working with Lemons, a family group from Utah, produced this live-action version of the song “I am Moana,” at the Polynesian Cultural Center in Hawaii. The video has been viewed over 550,000 times.

BYU Women's Chorus sang a moving choral piece by Ola Gjielo, called “Tundra.” The tundras shown in the video were near Heber, Utah, and at Vineyard Beach on Utah Lake.

New films will be shown at the Visitors' Centers at Temple Square in Salt Lake City, including one about Oliver Cowdery, a figure from LDS Church history. The video is 25 minutes long and “depicts the translation of the Book of Mormon, the restoration of the priesthood, and the first Latter-day Saint baptisms in Harmony, Pennsylvania," according to a Temple Square Facebook post.

Brad and Hailey Devine posted this video of their travels to Japan, and the ornate kimonos some friends dressed them in. The video description read, “We gave Keiko full creative direction on how to dress us, and she even did my hair. :) I loved how passionate she was about it, and how excited she was to share this piece of her culture with us.” The Devines then attended the Spring Festival in Kawagoe.

Studio C released a new skit this week, “Angry Dancing for Love,” in which all the usual suspects performed comedic dances at movie theaters. The star of the skit was Jason Gray.

Nadia Khristean, an activist and student at BYU, released this collaboration with Corey Mann, covering Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast.”