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Sydney Oliver
Former Utah State University linebacker Torrey Green appears in the 1st District court on Wednesday, March 29, 2017, beginning the first day of a three-day preliminary hearing. Green is charged with five counts of rape, one of aggravated kidnapping and one of forcible sex abuse.

LOGAN — They said no. He said they would like it, or just ignored them.

That was the testimony of three women — strangers to each other — who took the witness stand Wednesday to describe eerily similar accounts of how then-Utah State University football standout Torrey Green raped them in his student apartment.

When they initially met Green — one when Green introduced himself in the USU student center, two others who agreed to meet after connecting on a dating app — all three women described the positive first impression he made.

They described him as polite. Cute. Tall. Charming. Someone who talked about his love for his family. The kind of person they wanted to get to know.

But when they went to Green's apartment, two women testified that Green raped them, and that even as they fought him and told him no, he insisted they would enjoy having sex with him.

A third testified that Green held her in his bedroom, his body pressed against hers, not allowing her to leave as he touched her inappropriately even as she begged him to stop.

The testimonies of the three women are among those from seven alleged sexual assault victims expected to testify through the rest of the week as Green faces a preliminary hearing in the separate cases against him.

In total, Green is charged with six counts of rape, a first-degree felony; aggravated kidnapping, a first-degree felony; two counts of object rape, a first-degree felony; and two counts of forcible sexual abuse, a second-degree felony.

After evidence is presented in all seven cases, 1st District Judge Brian Cannell will decide whether there is probable cause to order Green to stand trial in any or all of the cases.

Green, who is from Rubidoux, California, graduated from USU in early 2016 and was signed as a rookie linebacker for the Atlanta Falcons. He was dropped by the team in August after the sexual assault allegations began to surface, and is currently being held without bail in the Cache County Jail.

Taking the stand Wednesday, the first woman, identified in court documents as M.H., testified of meeting Green on Tinder, then agreeing to go to the USU library during the daytime in order to introduce herself in person.

"I thought he was really cute and tall and charming, he seemed nice," M.H. said, describing how the two exchanged phone numbers and began texting to arrange a date.

When she went to Green's apartment, he was making fried chicken, a recipe he said his mother taught him.

After dinner, M.H. said she and Green decided to watch a movie, and that the television was located in his bedroom. As they sat on the bed, the only alternative to sitting on the floor, Green offered the woman a massage, which she accepted so long as all her clothing stayed on.

But as Green rubbed her back, he repeatedly tried to lift her shirt despite her protests, M.H. said, and the situation continued to escalate until Green was removing her clothing.

"I was saying stop and I was saying don't and I was pushing him away and I was trying to keep my clothes on," the woman testified.

Meanwhile, Green would respond to her objections with statements like "Oh come on, I know you want to," M.H. testified.

At one point, M.H. said, "He asked me if I was scared. I said yes, and I was."

When it was over, M.H. said Green made a comment to her while she collected her clothes.

"He said 'See, that was great, and you didn't want to,'" she testified.

The second woman, Carsen Davis, who has publicly identified herself as she has told her story, recalls she was a freshman at USU standing in front of the market in the student center when Green walked up and introduced himself in October 2014. They exchanged numbers, began texting, and she agreed about a week later to have Green come pick her up and take her to his apartment.

"I think we planned on making dinner or something, we never got to it," Davis testified, saying that instead they went to Green's room to watch a movie.

A little kissing soon led to Green trying to grab her inappropriately, Davis testified, and from there got "progressively worse."

"I kept saying no, I had homework to do and wanted to go home, he just laughed it off and kept trying," she said.

As she fought him, a 115-pound freshman versus a college linebacker, Davis said Green told her, "I know you want to," and "I know you like it," as he raped her.

Afterward, he drove her home.

The third woman, identified as L.P., testified she too had matched with Green on Tinder, and after messaging for a while, agreed to a date in October 2014.

She too had Green pick her up and take her to his apartment to watch a movie they had rented together, heading to his bedroom where the TV was.

L.P. said she playfully brushed Green off when he tried to cuddle with her on the bed. When he tried to kiss her, "I know I said no," she testified.

L.P. testified she fought Green's advances for the duration of the movie, and testified Wednesday how Green backed her into a bathroom when she attempted to get up and forcefully and inappropriately pressed his body against her.

The three women testified they did not report the assaults to police until news of the charges against Green surfaced last summer, choosing instead to try to move past what had happened by keeping it private.

Green's preliminary hearing continues in Logan on Thursday.