Payton Sorenson and Kevin Dreesen qualified to compete in the 2017 NCAA Division I Men’s Championships, which begin Wednesday, March 22, at Indianapolis, Indiana, and will go through Saturday, March 25.

“The NCAA Championships is the climax of our sport,” BYU head swim coach John Brooks said. “Last year, both Payton and Kevin qualified for and competed in the NCAA Championships. We are hoping to move up and see improvements from the previous year.”

Sorenson met the minimum required time of 20.19 for a B Standard qualification in the 50 freestyle with a personal time of 19.22. He also will be participating in the 100 free with a personal best and seeded time of 43.06, which is under the B Standard time of 44.29.

Dreesen qualified to compete at the NCAA Championships while participating in the Zone E Diving Championships. In the 1-meter, the top-nine scores were selected to move on to the finals at the NCAA. Dreesen placed eighth overall and had a combined preliminary and final score of 626.25.

The top-12 performers in the 3-meter were also chosen to move on, and Dreesen placed 12th with a combined score of 658.85.

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There are not any events that BYU will participate in on Wednesday. On Thursday, Sorenson swims the 50 free and Dreesen will compete in the 1-meter event. On Friday, Dreesen will participate in the 3-meter, while Sorenson swims the 100 free on Saturday.

Thursday through Saturday, the swimming preliminaries begin at 10 a.m. EDT, and the finals commence at 6 p.m. Diving events are at 12 p.m., each day. will live stream the finals sessions on Friday and Saturday. Wednesday’s evening session, Thursday’s sessions, along with the morning sessions on Friday and Saturday, will be streamed live via the NCAA website and Indiana Sports Corp.

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