John Locher, AP
Gonzaga players celebrate after defeating Saint Mary's in an NCAA college basketball game during the championship of the West Coast Conference tournament, Tuesday, March 7, 2017, in Las Vegas. Gonzaga won 74-56. (AP Photo/John Locher)

Here is a look at the news for March 20.

Salt Lake City adding a fence near Gateway

The Utah Transit Authority and Salt Lake City have teamed up to build a fence between the TRAX lines on 200 South, according to the Deseret News. It will run on the southern edge of The Gateway mall, with the goal being to improve traffic safety.

Matthew Rojas, spokesman for the Salt Lake City Mayor's Office, told the Deseret News that the fence’s purpose is to keep people from danger.

"What we found was there was lots of jaywalking, and really it just became a safety issue," Rojas told the Deseret News. "According to UTA, there have been a few near misses with … bus traffic and TRAX traffic. There's never been an accident there. That's why we kind of want to be a little more proactive."

The fence’s announcement comes almost a year after Vestar, a real estate company that owns The Gateway, requested one in spring 2016 to stop problems around the 200 South area.

"Along with the community, we voiced our concerns, and after an investigation, both the city and UTA took action, concurring it needed to be closed," Cushing said in a statement. "This is an important issue surrounding public safety. … It's our job to be diligent in ensuring the safety of our patrons, employees and residents. That's our top priority.”

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The problem for Utahns working at ski resorts

Working at a ski resort can lead to major medical issues, like skin cancer, according to the Deseret News.

Researchers and experts told the Deseret News that Utahns, especially those who hang around ski resorts at risk for too much sun. Higher elevation combined the sun’s reflection can lead to higher ultraviolet rays, which can harm the skin and lead to skin cancer, the Deseret News reported.

All Utahns may be at risk for these medical issues, too.

"It's not just unique to ski areas, but a lot of the recreational things we do in Utah," Dr. Christopher Hull, a dermatologist with University of Utah Health Care, told the Deseret News.

Read more at the Deseret News.

All eyes on FBI director's testimony

FBI Director James Comey will testify to the House Intelligence Committee Monday about the allegations that President Barack Obama wiretapped Donald Trump during the 2016 presidential election, according to CNN.

The trial may not go well for Trump.

“It's a moment of political theater that could end in humiliation for Trump, with Comey expected to say that there was no wiretapping, debunking allegations that Trump has repeatedly refused to withdraw,” according to CNN.

But Comey’s testimony will offer details into the FBI’s investigation into Russia’s meddling in the 2016 election, CNN reported.

Republicans hope Comey will say there isn’t a connection between Trump and Russia, “a move that could begin to break up a cloud of Russian intrigue that has stifled the early weeks of the administration,” CNN reported.

Trump first mentioned the wiretapping claims in a series of tweets two weeks ago.

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NCAA Tournament narrows

We started with 64 teams, and now we’re down to just 16 after a wild weekend of upsets in the NCAA Tournament, according to Bleacher Report.

For example, No. 1 Villanova lost to No. 8 Wisconsin, and No. 2 Duke fell to No. 5 South Carolina, according to Bleacher Report.

Three No. 1 seeds remain in the tournament — Kansas, North Carolina and Gonzaga. All three will have tough challenges in the next round, facing No. 4 Purdue, No. 4 Butler and No. 4 West Virginia, respectively. All games will happen Thursday, March 23.

For a deeper look into this last weekend, visit Bleacher Report.

A lot also went down at the Vivint Arena, including a controversial finish to the Gonzaga vs. Northwestern matchup. Read all about "The Viv" at Deseret News.

A buzzer beater shot shocks NCAA Women’s Tournament

Speaking of basketball, Maryland’s Destiny Slocum nailed an epic buzzer-beater in her game against West Virginia, from three-quarter court, Digg reported.

Watch below.