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Rocky Mountain Power
The Rocky Mountain Power solar plant near Holden, Utah, provides solar energy for the utility company's Subscriber Solar Program, which is 95 percent sold out. The pilot project allows residential and business customers to purchase solar power in blocks, potentially cutting their monthly costs.

Utahns considering whether or not to buy solar panels may want to visit Google for advice.

Project Sunroof, a Google map that shows which houses in any given area have enough exposure to sunlight for solar panels, recently expanded to cover all 50 U.S. states, allowing people all over the country to see whether their home is fit for solar panel installation, according to Mashable.

The map identifies which area of the home attracts the most sunlight while accounting for weather patterns, shade and the position of the sun, Mashable reported. It also comes with an estimate of how much money you'll save by switching to solar.

As Google pointed out in a blog post, about 79 percent of all rooftops across the country are qualified for the tech installation. In other areas — like Nevada, Arizona and Utah — that number jumps to 90 percent.

According to Google the top 10 cities with the most solar potential are Houston; Los Angeles; Phoenix; San Antonio; New York; San Diego; Jacksonville, Florida; Oklahoma City; Dallas; and Albuquerque, New Mexico.

“If the top 10 cities above reached their full rooftop solar potential, they'd produce enough energy to power 8 million homes across the U.S.,” according to Google.

Much of Utah’s northern valley contains sunny pockets for solar tech, the Google Map showed.

Much of the Northeast hovers around the 60 percent mark.

Houston, Texas, tops the list, according to Mashable.

Head to Project Sunroof to see whether or not your home could benefit from the solar technology.

Utah’s connection to solar technology has been well-documented. According to Business Insider, Tesla founder Elon Musk once said Utah’s solar energy capabilities could power the entire country.

Utah is also home to solar companies like ION Solar, Vivint Solar and Rocky Mountain Power, which has its own solar energy installation program.