Scott G Winterton,
Brigham Young Cougars head coach Dave Rose and his staff exit the floor as BYU falls to the University of Texas at Arlington play in NIT basketball action at the Marriott Center in Provo Utah on Wednesday, March 15, 2017.

Two blowout loses to end the BYU season put a period on a frustrating season for Dave Rose.

His team should be the better for this experience. Rose and his team have fought inconsistency, ups and downs and injuries all season long. It's been his youngest team. It has also been one of his most impatient.

And that's understandable.

A solution, albeit late, is one he knows well. He needs to fix this with some recruits. Be it JC transfers, senior-one-year transfers, or foreign aid.

BYU's got shooters.

It needs defenders.

Playing defense is a mindset as well as a skill. And it must be emphasized through coaching.

Part of Rose's challenge this year was he had a tough time making players who made mistakes accountable with playing time. He banked on letting players make mistakes and get better through the experience. Taking away playing time, however, is a bigger stick.

The right recruit(s) can be a quick fix.

Early in his tenure, and that of his first BYU boss Steve Cleveland, Rose made great use of JC talent, a recruiting field both were familiar with because that world was their roots.

Unfortunately of late, Rose's JC and transfer moves have been a mixed bag. He did bring in Matt Carlino and Chase Fischer with so-so results. This season injuries to Kyle Davis (knee), Jamal Aytes (foot), Elijah Bryant (knee) and L.J. Rose (knee, foot) hurt, especially for a team that needed help to aid the return of the Lone Peak 3.

Is it fixable?


It boils down to recruiting.