Kristin Murphy, Deseret News
Construction crews work on the new $3 billion Salt Lake City International Airport on Wednesday, March 15, 2017.

Here’s a look at the news for March 16.

Airport has a problem

Salt Lake City International Airport’s remodel, set to be complete in 2025, might be good for now, but in five years, it may be too small, according to the Deseret News.

"If the growth we're experiencing now continues, we have to potentially plan," said Kevin Robins, engineering director for the city's Department of Airports.

The Salt Lake City Airport Advisory Board met Wednesday to discuss possible solutions to the plan, including adding a third or fourth concourse.

The airport also has a plan for an additional 15 gates in the north concourse. Building those gates isn’t part of current construction, Mike Williams, program director for the airport project, told the Deseret News.

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Riverton to get a major mixed-use center

In the next few years, Riverton residents will see a development project that includes retail stores, restaurants, an office building, a gym and a hotel, according to the Deseret News.

On Wednesday, civil and business leaders broke ground on the project, which is to be built at 13400 South and 4500 West. It will be constructed by CenterCal Properties, which built Station Park in Farmington.

Chris Byers, senior vice president of leasing for CenterCal Properties, said the Riverton space will offer families and friends a place to get together.

“It’s a community space for Riverton, and the economic impact will be significant, too,” she said. “What we’re building is something that will feel good for everybody.”

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Trump contests federal judge’s ruling on new travel ban

On Wednesday night, a federal judge in Hawaii blocked the second travel ban issued by the Trump administration, keeping everything at the status quo, according to BuzzFeed News. Similarly, a federal judge in Maryland blocked the ban Thursday morning.

The ban, which would have gone into effect at 12:01 a.m. ET Thursday, would stop people traveling from six Muslim-majority countries for three months, and it would stop the refugee resettlement program, according to BuzzFeed.

President Donald Trump wasn’t happy with the decision, saying it was an “unprecedented judicial overreach."

Trump also said the bill makes the United States look weak, BuzzFeed reported.

And he said he thinks his administration will go back to the first travel ban it issued, which was also blocked by the courts, BuzzFeed reported.

Trump said he plans to keep fighting, according to BuzzFeed.

Let the March Madness begin

It’s time. The play-in games are over, and the knockout tournament kicks off Thursday with 16 games in four locations nationwide.

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  • Surfer asks reporter for a ride home

    An East Coast storm left one surfer without a ride home. So, according to Digg, he asked a reporter for a ride home.