This is my proposal for health care reform:

  1. End the mandate on individuals and employers to buy insurance.
  2. Insurance is not required to receive medical treatment.
  3. As an alternative to insurance, medical facilities may offer a service plan to their patients.
  4. Tax-free health savings accounts to be used only for medical expenses. No limits on the amount deposited, total balance, or amount used for medical expenses. The funds may be placed into three types of accounts: interest free, low interest or investments. Starting at age 65, the money can be withdrawn from the account for any reason, but is subject to a 10 percent tax.
  5. No denial for pre-existing conditions, but insurers may charge up to 30 percent more for premiums compared to an equivalent plan without coverage for pre-existing conditions. The insurers must clearly define which health problems are considered pre-existing.
  6. End the birth control mandate for men and women.
  7. Insurers may use sex and age when calculating premiums.
  8. For one year, insurers may charge new customers up to 5 percent more on premiums for every consecutive year they were not covered by any health insurance plan.
  9. Insurers with at least 500,000 customers must offer catastrophic plans, plans that cover infertility testing and treatments and cannot set a cap on lifetime payouts for any plan.
  10. Cap Medicaid and Medicare at their current budget levels. Give the money to the states on a per capita basis. The states may determine eligibility requirements.

Cory Hamblin