Earlier in the legislative session this year, legislators took up the subject of daylight saving time. Again it did not get passed. Why?

Polls have indicated that most of the people do not want it.

The article by Mariana Chrisney in the Deseret News on March 14 explains “How to adjust to changes that come with daylight saving time.” Why should we have this terrible disruption?

I'm reminded of a story about an old Indian chief who heard about daylight saving time and said, “It sounds like a man who has a blanket. He cuts off one end of the blanket and sews it on the other end and thinks he has lengthened the blanket.”

Such is daylight saving time. No daylight has ever been saved. For those people who want to go to school or play golf in the light or come home not in the dark — change the time you go or come and do not change the clock.

It is time to stop a tradition that can be solved individually and not by inconveniencing everyone.

Arizona seems to get it right.

Alma Erekson