Facebook video screen shot

SALT LAKE CITY — A Mormon missionary fought back after two men appeared to attempt an armed robbery on a street Saturday in Brazil, wrestling a gun away from an attacker in an incident captured on video.

The video showed two men who approached on a motorcycle and stopped alongside two missionaries of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and two bystanders.

The man on the back of the motorcycle got off and pointed a gun at the bystanders. When he turned and pointed the weapon at the missionaries, one disarmed him and pointed the gun back at the assailant. The man backed away, but the other assailant then got off the motorcycle and tried to get the gun back.

The missionary first held him off, then tossed the gun over a fence. At that point, he and the second man threw punches and wrestled down the sidewalk, across the street to the other side and then into the middle of the street before both assailants fled.

The LDS Church confirmed the incident took place in the Brazil Manaus Mission but had no further comment. The missionaries are safe.

The person who uploaded the video on a Facebook page said the missionary who fought back was an American. His identity was not immediately known.

More than 74,000 full-time LDS missionaries are serving in 418 missions around the world. Generally, they are far safer than their peers, according to a 2013 video from the faith's Missionary Department that cited World Health Organization statistics.