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Lexi Walker released a "Beauty and the Beast" medley on Monday.

Musicians and YouTubers with ties to Utah have not shied away from video opportunities surrounding the premiere of Disney’s "Beauty and the Beast," with performers using their unique talents to shape the music from the film.

In different videos, Lindsey Stirling performs on the violin during the setup of a concert, and Lexi Mae Walker features BYU’s Vocal Point in a medley of iconic songs from the film.

Stirling plays the part of Belle wandering through the market, only Stirling wanders through speakers and equipment cases while her stage crew sets up for a concert. Stirling plays a violin instead of reading a book, as Belle does.

Walker’s video was filmed at Wadley Farms Castle in Lindon, Utah, and features choreography by BYU Ballroom Dance director Curt Holman.

Maddy Wilson and Yahosh Bonner, both LDS singers and YouTube personalities, cover the theme song with noticeably melodic vocal improvisation.

Susie Brown was ahead of the game, releasing her violin and guitar cover over a month ago. Brown arranged all the parts, and plays all the instruments and sings in this video.