Courtesy of Corrine Stokoe
Corrine Stokoe is shown at an event she hosted for fellow female entrepreneurs.

ShopStyle celebrated International Women’s Day by conducting a Q&A with five successful fashion bloggers, Utah native Corrine Stokoe being one of them.

Stokoe, who runs a website that helps women find deals on high-end fashion, paid tribute to the example of her mother, offered her definition of a strong woman and recognized a fellow Utahn, Susan Peterson of Freshly Picked, for her industry success. But ShopStyle chose to promote her answer shared when asked if culture plays a role in the way she dresses.

"I grew up in a Mormon culture, and as a teenage girl, it was something I gritted my teeth and went along with. Now I embrace, love, and cherish the culture I was raised in,” Stokoe said. “To me, it means preserving something special for one person, as old-fashioned as that may sound. It means not revealing everything to the world and being different."

Earlier this year, Stokoe discussed with Deseret News her decision to be open about her faith but she told ShopStyle she would encourage other female business owners to do the same.

"Stay true to you. Never sell out, because your soul is not worth any amount of money,” Stokoe said. “If you're true to who you are and what you really endorse, what you really believe in, what you really use on your bathroom counter or in your handbag, you will earn the trust of your audience. You cannot put a price on trust."

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