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Future BYU students shared their excitement over receiving their acceptance letters last weekend.

On Feb. 1, the waiting game began for 13,740 applicants who hoped to become BYU students during the 2017 fall semester. On Feb. 10, BYU admissions sent an email informing them that while admissions decisions were usually made the last Friday of February, the fall 2017 decisions would be made the first Friday in March. On March 3, admissions decisions were received and the wait was over.

While it was rumored that delay was the result of receiving more applicants than usual, university spokesman Todd Hollingshead told BYU’s student newspaper, The Daily Universe, that it was “simply a matter of needing a little extra time to give every application a thorough review.”

“We generally make decisions the last Friday of the month, but this year the end of February was in the middle of the week, so we opted for the first Friday of March,” Hollingshead said.

In reality, there were just 12 more applicants this year for fall semester than there were for the 2016 fall semester. Hollingshead told the Deseret News that while numbers are not currently available regarding the admittance rate for this fall semester, the admittance rate for the 2016 fall semester was 51 percent.

BYU’s Instagram account invited those accepted to share celebratory photos, and future Cougars flooded social media with the hashtag, #BYUBound. Below are some of our favorite posts.