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In the past, visitors to the Church History Museum in Salt Lake City, Utah, have waited in line to see the new video Joseph Smith's experience that was broadcast before the Face to Face event on Saturday.

The video below, depicting the first vision of Joseph Smith, used to only be shown in a 240° panoramic theater in “The Heavens are Opened” exhibit of the museum, but was broadcast before the event and is now available online on an interactive website.

In addition to the video, the site contains detailed information and statistics about the background of the vision, with facts such as “Three hundred miles from New York City, there’s a ten-acre patch of forest, which more than 100,000 people visit each year.”

One section of the website shows the journey that led young Joseph to this sacred grove. Another section contains less-familiar works of art that depict the scene. The last section contains excerpts from all four of the first-hand accounts of the vision from Joseph Smith.

Visit the site and watch the video here.