YouTube Screenshot
Nathan Pacheco performs "Be Thou My Vision."

Some of the best in film were highlighted during last night's Oscars but as a commercial that ran during the awards show reminded us, content creation is not limited to major film studios anymore.

Devin Graham, a native of Salt Lake, had one of his video clips featured in the ad, released by Samsung called “The Rest of Us,” featuring non-Hollywood movie makers. Graham’s clip is the very last one in the spot and shows a man flying off an inner tube.

Nathan Pacheco, who graduated from BYU, released a new music video of the Irish hymn “Be Thou My Vision.” The video adhered to his reverent, classical style.

Alex Boye, Utah resident and former member of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, released a new video this week as well, in which he incorporated his traditional African themes. The video is a cover of rising artist Khalid’s “Location.”

Family Search, a Utah-based company, produced a new short video that gives some insight into one of the settlers of Kanab, Utah.

UTubers is a feature that highlights YouTube videos created by people with ties to Utah.