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When you think of retirement, you might worry about money or financial security. Although this is a legitimate aspect of peaceful and fulfilling retirement living, it isn’t the whole picture. All too often people get so caught up in ensuring they have enough retirement funds and savings that they forget to plan for fun during their golden years.

To help you achieve a truly enjoyable retirement, here are five things to focus on and ways to get the most out of this special time in your life. After all, many people say these are some of the best years of their lives! It’s all possible — even on a budget.

1. Nurture relationships

Whether they be old or new, your relationships are something that will stay with you forever. During retirement, you finally have time to go to every grandchild’s birthday party, soccer game or dance recital. In addition, take time to be with your children and other close family members, as these are the years when you can nurture those relationships that demand attention.

As for new relationships — don’t underestimate the power of making a new friend. Someone in your area who is in your same stage of life can help you feel comfortable and at ease in your own sphere. Or you can always make new friends in the many activities you’re going to take part in now that you have time!

2. Try new things

“New” doesn’t have to mean dangerous, but there is something to be said for trying things outside your comfort zone. When asked about the extra years afforded by today’s life spans, nearly half of surveyed adults in the Allianz Longevity Study responded that increased longevity “opens a lot of new opportunities.”

Part-time work opportunities offer a great way to try new things, perhaps in a field you’ve always wanted to explore but never had the means or time for. Volunteering is also fulfilling and exposes you to new types of people. For many, retirement might start meaning “not working,” but most people come to realize the benefits of a hard day’s work aren’t easily replicated. That being said, remember to have fun and pursue the activities that make you tick.

3. Get organized

As you enter this new stage in your life, you deserve a fresh new page — both literally and metaphorically. Clean out the clutter from your living space and use the new space to create a workbench or sewing room. You’ll feel much freer and find it’s easier to engage in new hobbies with your newfound sense of organization. This practice of moving on from old to new can also help you financially, since you can sell items you don’t use anyway.

4. Stay within your budget

Despite having the freedom of retirement, you want to be mindful of how much you spend versus how long you expect to live. It’s not something people like to think about, but you must consider the issue to avoid the trap that many new retirees fall into, according to Money, by spending nearly 120 percent more than they did before retirement. Stick with the budget you’ve set for yourselves, and don’t forget there’s never a bad time to save for a rainy day, either.

5. Live healthfully

Find ways to pursue a healthy lifestyle that work for you. Eating healthy and getting regular exercise are the basics, but make sure you’re pursuing these goals in a way that makes you feel enriched rather than as if following a rulebook. Look up new recipes that fit well in a healthy diet, and explore new activities you'll actually enjoy with your spouse or friends. As you take care of yourself physically, you’ll see emotional and mental health benefits as well, not to mention that you'll save on medical expenses.

As you follow these five ways to get the most out of your golden years, you’ll find fulfillment, happiness and health are all things in your future. To learn more about planning an active and independent retirement, visit today.