According to The Houston Chronicle, Rossi travelled around Europe over the last week, taking various photos that recreated scenes from the famous Disney flick.

Utah father Josh Rossi gave his daughter the ultimate “Beauty and the Beast” surprise for Valentine’s Day.

According to The Houston Chronicle, Rossi traveled around Europe for a week, taking various photos to re-create scenes from the Disney flick for his 3-year-old daughter, Nellee.

His photos included shots of three castle, five cities and a number of villages across Europe. Using Photoshop, he copied, pasted and layered various different photos from his trip to create the photos.

Rossi and his daughter took photos together, with Nellee playing the role of Belle. Designer Ella Dynae gave him the yellow ballgown, which would have cost $400, according to The Chronicle.

For Valentine’s Day, Rossi gave his daughter prints of the photo.

Rossi wrote that spending time with children is the most important thing a parent can do.

"I realized that one of the most important things we can do as parents is spent time with our kids and play a little," Rossi wrote in his blog. "The time I spend with my daughter lately has been like that … dreaming and creating together, and I love it!"

Rossi said his sister, wife and photo assistant all helped with the photos. But it was tough, he said, to get all the photos taken. Some locations took six hours to find, he wrote. But most locations were inside, which allowed him to shoot without worry of the weather, he wrote.

“My favorite part about the shoot was being involved in something that my daughter, wife and I have in common, doing photo shoots and creating magical scenes,” he wrote.

This isn’t the first time Nellee dressed up as fantastical characters, according to People magazine. She’s portrayed Wonder Woman, Hua Mulan and Little Red Riding Hood.

“Beauty and the Beast” meant more to Nellee, though, he told People magazine. She enjoyed wearing the various dresses, which is why he gave her the gift.

“Whenever something special comes up I do something fun for her,” Rossi, 32, told People. “The new ‘Beauty and the Beast’ movie is coming out and she’s obsessed with Belle from the movie. She loves when the Beast comes out, when they fall in love. So I was like, ‘OK. That could be fun.’”

Rossi said this year’s gift proved to be a huge success. His daughter loved it so much that he plans to continue the photo shoots in the future, People reported.

Hopefully, he said, she remembers forever.

“I want her to have something that represents the relationship she and I have,” he said. “A normal photo doesn’t do it for me. I’m constantly taking photos and videos to try and hold on to each moment I spent with her.”