New Stakes

A new stake has been created from the Colorado Springs East Stake. The Colorado Springs High Plains Stake, which consists of the Limon Branch, Black Forest, Calhan, Falcon, Indigo Ranch, Meridian, Oakwood, Stetson and Woodmen wards, was created by Elder C. Scott Grow, a General Authority Seventy, and Elder Matthew L. Carpenter, an Area Seventy.

A new stake has been created from the Surprise Arizona and Good Year Arizona stakes. The Uyo Nigeria Ibiono Stake, which consists of the Cactus Lane, Canyon Trails, Cortessa, Savannah, Verrado, Waddell and White Tank Mountain wards, was created by Elder Anthony D. Perkins, a General Authority Seventy, and Elder C. Dale Willis, an Area Seventy.

COLORADO SPRINGS HIGH PLAINS STAKE: (Dec. 4, 2016) President — M. Jay Carroll, 49, contract manager, Department of Defense; wife, Shantell Hicken carroll. Counselors — Kim Morrison Thomas, 56, business owner; wife, Karlene Rae Westfall Thomas. Jeffrey Taylor Brown, 41, teacher, Rampart High School; wife, Tiffany Rose Brown.

SURPRISE ARIZONA WEST STAKE: (Dec. 11, 2016) President — Daniel Thomas Smith, 50, physician; wife, Anne Connelly Smith. Counselors — Matthew Jon Garrett, 42, dentist; wife, Randi Lynn Garrett. Brett Fredric Stabler, 39, director of retension, Knight Trans; wife, Courtney Michelle Horne Stabler.

Reorganized stakes

MARICOPA ARIZONA STAKE: (Dec. 4, 2016) President — Robert Willis Weyrauch, 43, manager, Information Arch.; succeeding Malin W. Lewis; wife, Stacie Burns Weyrauch. Counselors — Sonny Jay Randall, 40, functional area manager, Intel; wife, Kimberla Lynn Vaden Randall. Troy Christopher Duncan, 38, business owner; wife, Sandra Louise Eagar Duncan.

MUNCIE INDIANA STAKE: (Dec. 4, 2016) President — John Berghout Horowitz, 57, economics professor, Ball State University; succeeding P. Thomas Burdett; wife, Lori Ann Pedraza Horowitz. Counselors — Douglas Lee Beamer, 53, project developer, T&W Corporation; wife, Ana Patricia Molina. Joshua Abraham Nunnery, 42, CRNA, Henry Community Health; wife, Jeanette Ann Clark Nunnery.

OREM UTAH ASPEN STAKE: (Dec. 4, 2016) President — David Quinn Dallin, 41, project manager, Notatek; succeeding Phillip W. Hadfield; wife, Stacy Geneal Lott. Counselors — Michael Shawn Meiners, 56, seminary instructor; wife, Holly Kay Walker Meiners. Barry McKay Merrell, 49, sales, Alexander’s Print Advantage; wife, Annette Marie Spackman Merrell.

PAGO PAGO SAMOA STAKE: (Dec. 4, 2016) President — Michael Barry Lavea, 43, safety and health department head, Starkis; succeeding Johnny S. Mapu; wife, Elisapeta Malia Malia Mulipola. Counselors — Faalaulelei Louā Faasipa, 49, laborer, Chicken of the Sea; wife, Rosalina Taape Faasipa. Clarence Reid Crichton, 52, business owner; wife, Oretam Mapu Crichton.

SALT LAKE LITTLE COTTONWOOD STAKE: (Dec. 4, 2016) President — Michael Allan Cameron, 53, CEO, Christopherson Business Travel; succeeding Bradley C. Partridge; wife, Camille Barlow Cameron. Counselors — William Joseph Baker, Jr., 51, CEO, Wasatch Leasing, LLC.; wife, Kaye Frances Harris Baker. Clayton John Wilkinson, 33, loan originator, Academy Mortgage; wife, Haylee Jones Wilkinson.

SAN PAULO BRAZIL ITAQUĀ STAKE: (Dec. 4, 2016) President— André dos Santos Franco, 37, business owner; succeeding Jose Caetano de Morais; wife, Simone Xavier dos Santos. Counselors — Renato Senna Galbes, 30, partner, Primier Prime; wife, Ana Paula Motta de Almeida Galbes. Wagner Cristóvão, 30, international buyer, Volkswagon; wife, Sheila Rodrigues de Oliveira.

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