I am writing out of my concern for the conservation of the Bear’s Ears monument. I recently learned that our congressional delegation, along with the Utah Legislature and our governor, oppose the federal preservation of this land.

If this designation is overturned and that land comes under state control, I worry that this beautiful part of Utah will be opened to harmful processes such as hydro-fracking and oil drilling. This would decimate the local ecosystem, destroy the area’s massive recreational appeal and ultimately, dismantle a tribal agreement laboriously negotiated over many years. It would show extreme disrespect to the thousands of Native Americans that still call this gorgeous piece of earth their home.

I personally urge the state government and our congressional representatives to understand the value of this and all parts of Utah that we as residents call home. Compromising our state’s beautiful natural environment eventually means compromising our future livelihoods and that of our children.

Michael Montoya

Salt Lake City