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"Becoming More Christlike" is by Brent L. Top.

"BECOMING MORE CHRISTLIKE," by Brent L. Top, Covenant Communications, $14.99, 191 pages (nf)

The commandment to "be ye therefore perfect" is shared by Jesus Christ in both the New Testament and similarly in the Book of Mormon. Brent L. Top, an LDS author and dean of religious studies at Brigham Young University, tackles this topic in his new book "Becoming More Christlike."

Top shares personal stories from his life, including from his "personal sojourn" in striving to become more like the Savior.

Top explains that the journey to perfection consists of doing small things. This kind of journey requires real change that doesn't happen overnight, but rather comes "more slowly and ... (is a) somewhat painful, difficult, self-disclosing process." In other words, obtaining perfection takes time and constant self-improvement.

In his book, Top points out three specific areas: personal life, relationships with others and leadership. Each topic is filled with verses from the scriptures, quotes by general authorities from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and personal stories that shed new insight on becoming more Christlike.

"Becoming More Christlike" is a thought-provoking book. It provides many tips and steps on how to become more perfect and worthy to enter into God's kingdom. Top digs deep into the topic and provides bold insights on how everyone can improve their efforts in becoming more like the Savior.

The concepts and ideas presented in this book can be applied in any circumstances on a daily basis.

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