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Claire Crosby and her brother, Carson, are shown in her most recent video.

Fresh off her appearance on “Ellen,” Claire Crosby has a new video where the 4-year-old defines love. Her definition is simple yet profound.

“Love is a special thing for two people,” Claire explains in the video. “Like you do something fun together. You can also play with the friend that you love. Sometimes they make cookies for each other. If there’s a man that looks cool, you should check and see if they’re a good person inside. Then you get married. They also just stay together for a while. They do anything for each other.”

Throughout the video, home videos of the Crosby family are shown, including the birth of Claire’s little brother, Carson.

“I’m not going to marry Carson because no brother is allowed to get married,” Claire says. “So Carson’s going to be in a different house so he’s going to have to find a wife.”

The video has already been viewed over 18,000 times. Claire and the Crosbys currently have nearly 230,000 subscribers on YouTube.

Watch the video here.

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