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Hannah's describes her recovery after attempting suicide.

After surviving an attempted suicide, a woman named Hannah reflects on why she tried to take her life and recounts the hope she now finds in the Lord in a new “His Grace” video, released by Mormon Channel.

“By the time I was maybe 15-16,” Hannah says in the video, “I think that voice in my head was constantly telling me that ‘nobody likes you, nobody would care if you were alive or dead.’”

Hannah recalls being bullied in school, kids even calling out “Moo” to her in the hallway. Combined with negative self-talk, Hannah fell into despair and started contemplating taking her life.

“That was the only thing I could think about. It was almost like there wasn’t any emotion anymore. It was like it was what I had to do; it was the only option,” she said.

Even though people tried to encourage her, Hannah didn’t believe them because of how she felt about herself.

Following attempting suicide, hospitalization and treatment, she said in the video that she reconnected with God through prayer. “I had a lot of prayers answered and the biggest thing I heard was, ‘I care, and I always have, and I always will.’”

Watch the video here.