Reddit user janessajames
Janessa James, a senior at Brigham Young University, has gone viral after posting a hilarious photo on the social media site Reddit.

Janessa James made a heroic move to save her friend’s wedding photo, but it was just a little too late.

James, a senior at Brigham Young University, tried her best to jump out of the frame as her friend, Amy Lewis, took some bridal photographs at Sundance with her now-husband Riley, according to ABC News.

Though the photo didn't turn out as planned, James published it on the media website Reddit, instantly making the picture go viral with national media coverage.

The photo was taken after the photographer told James to lift her friend's train. The photographer planned it as a romantic photo with the bride’s dress billowing in the wind, ABC reported.

James, a member of the LDS Church, told US Weekly that she hid under her friend’s train before the shot to make that happen.

“It was so cold that day. I knelt in the snow and hid under the veil,” she said, according to US Weekly. “Eventually I dove into a bunch of leaves trying to get the floating dress look.”

James did her best to dodge out of the shot once she whipped up the train, but to no avail, ABC reported. She flailed in the air, hitting the ground.

She was later photoshopped out of the picture.

James posted the photo, saying it was how she felt about engagement season.

One commenter called the photo “beautiful.”

James told ABC that she has a bit of reputation as a bridesmaid since she’s held the position for 12 different weddings.

And she’s not your normal bridesmaid, either, she told US Weekly. In fact, she’ll perform at the event while also running around fulfilling traditional bridesmaid duties.

“I’m always happy to help,” James told US Weekly. “I’ve performed original raps, yelled at incompetent staff, put together cakes and bouquets, calmed down the families, run to get ice and food. I’ve done just about everything.”

She said it can be a frustrating job, but a fruitful one.

"I've gotten kind of a reputation of being the wedding person to go to. I'm a take-charge person," she told ABC. "I get things done. ... No matter how difficult or frustrating it was for you, you know it's worth it."

All of these weddings have taught her that the right guy waits for her somewhere else, she told ABC News.

"Seeing all my friends getting married, it’s taught me that the right guy really is out there," James said.