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Tim Amai in a video as he prepared for a mission

In a tribute on Mormon Newsroom, New Zealand filmmaker Tara Roshan Nandu-Moke recalls meeting Timothy Amai, a recently returned missionary who, with his uncle, was killed in a car accident Feb. 3.

Nandu-Moke met Amai as he prepared the video below for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The video focused on helping people who were not members of the LDS Church understand how young adults feel about serving missions.


“Having heard all about him in the days previous, within minutes I can clearly see that he is everything that everyone has said he was,” writes Nandu-Moke in an article from Mormon Newsroom. “Immediately I’m disarmed as he opens up and shares his hopes and dreams with me, his love for his family, his concern for his siblings who are struggling with the Church, his nonchalant attitude toward giving up his exciting rugby opportunities for something he believes is far more important.”

Amai had just returned from his full-time mission to Fiji when he and his uncle, Wiremu Gin, were killed in a car accident.

Nandu-Moke expressed his grief at the passing of Amai and his uncle, and related that Tim Amai “had a way of making you feel loved and important, no matter who you are.”

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