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A new article in BYU Magazine explores the presence of BYU alumni in the Washington D.C., metro area.

An article published Thursday in BYU Magazine titled, “Red, White and BYU,” reports that 6,000 BYU alumni and students live in the Washington, D.C., metro area.

The article explains that some fell in love with the area after attending the BYU Washington Seminar program while others were driven to the city by their love for politics.

“And they come and stay because of their love of country and reverence for its constitution, institutions, and monuments—from the Lincoln Memorial to the Arlington National Cemetery—silent counterpoints to the city’s bustle and to its brash, constituent-conscious voices," article author Andrew T. Bay writes. "Alumni see the nation’s future as well as its past enshrined in the quietude and gravitas of those stone symbols."

The article introduces six BYU alumni who have made D.C. their home. From a Department of Justice lawyer to a federal judge on the U.S. Court of Appeals, this small sample makes it clear D.C. has earned the love of many BYU alumni, and the alumni have earned the respect of the area.

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