Wilfredo Lee, AP
FILE - In this Tuesday, Oct. 9, 2012, file photo, a close-up of a sign with a picture of Colonel Sanders is shown on the wall of a combination Kentucky Fried Chicken, Taco Bell in Doral, Fla. KFC said it will start delivering its buckets of fried chicken to customers in Los Angeles and San Francisco, beginning Thursday, Nov. 12, 2015. It's the first time the chicken chain has delivered in the United States. (AP Photo/Wilfredo Lee, File)

It’s not a fable — Utah was home to the first Kentucky Fried Chicken.

But the story behind the restaurant goes a little deeper than that. OnlyInYourState.com, which highlights unique and interesting facts about every state, recently delved into the restaurant’s history in the Beehive State.

According to the website, Colonel Harland Sanders developed his chicken recipe in 1940 while he lived in North Carolina. He met a man named Peter Harman in Chicago 11 years later, the website reported. Harman invited Sanders to Utah to try his restaurant, called Harman’s Cafe. Sanders cooked the special chicken for him.

“Pete Harman knew that this chicken recipe would do well in Utah. He made a deal with Sanders to franchise his restaurant,” according to OnlyInYourState.com.

And the rest is history.

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