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Accountemps, a temp agency, recently conducted a survey that looked into the stresses of the modern American worker.

Salt Lake City workers are the most stressed in the nation, according to a new survey.

Accountemps, a temp agency, recently conducted a survey that looked into the stresses of the modern American worker. It found Salt Lake City has the most stressed workers, ahead of Boston; Des Moines, Iowa; Cleveland; and New York.

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These anxieties arise from a number of issues, such as heavy workloads, deadlines, work-life balance management and the unrealistic expectations from their managers, according to the study, which interviewed more than 1,000 workers from 20 of the largest U.S. cities.

About 52 percent of workers said they felt stressed at their jobs every day, with 60 percent reporting that stress in the workplace has increased within the last five years.

Executives understand these stresses, too. About 54 percent of chief financial officers said that they knew their teams were stressed, and 55 percent acknowledged that the stressed feelings are on the rise, according to the survey, which interviewed more than 2,200 CFOs in the United States.

"A stressed employee can have detrimental effects on the department or company, including decreased morale and productivity, and increased burnout and turnover,” said Bill Driscoll, a district president for Accountemps, in the study’s press release. “Managers should look for signs their staff is overworked — like missed deadlines or excessive overtime — and talk to employees to pinpoint triggers and implement stress-relieving solutions."

Credit: Accountemps

So what do workers do to unwind and relieve stress? Here's what the survey said:

  • Exercise. Yoga, walking and running are popular activities.
  • Enjoy time with friends and family.
  • Pick up a hobby for after work.
  • Protect your own time. Don't burn the candle too late into the night, the survey said.
  • Speak up to your boss about challenges you face.
  • Take necessary breaks from the job.

"Business is moving faster than ever, and employees can feel the crunch when it comes to imminent deadlines," Driscoll said. "Workers shouldn't suffer in silence. They can tap internal resources for help or seek advice from their managers to ensure they meet work expectations, while maintaining a healthy work-life balance."

Salt Lake City’s inclusion at the top of the list is unusual. CNN Money currently lists New York, Detroit, Los Angeles, Riverside/San Bernardino, and Houston workers as the most stressed. Salt Lake City finishes last on that list with the 55th spot.