As UPI reported, a group of Utah hikers were stranded on the trail when a moose appeared before them and charged.
Screenshot, Courtesy Dave Vance

A Utah moose recently put a pair of hikers in a rocky scenario.

As United Press International reported, a group of Utah hikers found themselves stranded on the trail when a moose charged at them. The 13 hikers out Saturday on a trail in Ogden Canyon when one of the hikers’ dogs found the moose, which charged at the group.

The moose also blocked the hikers from leaving the area, UPI reported.

"We were stuck, we were cold we wanted to get back down to our car, and it was the only way," hiker Chauntelle McAlhany said, according to UPI. "There's no way to go around the moose, it's a narrow trail."

Phil Douglass, with the Utah Department of Wildlife Resources, said the moose acted out of fear of its surroundings, pinning the hikers back as it worried about its safety.

"This moose is putting on a bluff charge," Douglass said. "It's a stress response to scare away danger."

More situations like this could arise, he said.

"We've had a heavy snowfall in the last few weeks, it's moving the animals down," he said, according to UPI. "The animals are going to places where it's easy to walk, like a well-traveled trail."

See photos of videos of the moose below.