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Kenneth Mays
This home in Nauvoo, Illinois, was once owned by Winslow and Olive Farr.

Since its earliest days, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has been blessed with men and women who were ever faithful from the moment they were baptized.

One such person was Winslow Farr. He was born in New Hampshire in 1794. He married Olive Freeman in 1816 in the state of Vermont. They joined the LDS Church in 1832 and subsequently moved to Kirtland, Ohio.

Because of the turmoil in Ohio in 1837-38, the Farr family moved West with the Saints to Missouri for a short time and then on to Nauvoo, Illinois.

While there, they lived in a two-story brick home. That extant home is located at the northwest corner of Durphy and Munson Streets. The home was constructed as a duplex and has been listed as the home of several different individuals in the Farr family.

Winslow and Olive had a son, Lorin, who owned a home immediately north of them. (Lorin would later become the first mayor of Ogden, Utah.) There are photographs of the Lorin Farr home, but it no longer stands.

The Farrs' daughter, Diantha, was married to William Clayton, who, as a clerk to Brigham Young, went West when he did. Diantha was expecting and stayed in Nauvoo until after her baby was born. When word reached William in Iowa that Diantha had born a healthy baby, he penned the words to a new hymn now known as "Come, Come Ye Saints."

After leaving Nauvoo, Winslow Farr and his family spent time in Cutler’s Park, Nebraska, before continuing on to Utah. He died in Salt Lake County in 1865.