You can't film Utah's national parks with a drone anymore. But Nathan Wynn captured some shots before the ban, and it's breathtaking.

You can't exactly film the national parks with a drone anymore. But YouTube user Nathan Wynn did it way before the ban took place.

And now, thanks to Only in Your State, his drone footage has gone viral, as it shows several spots in the Beehive State's national parks that are inaccessible to many Utahns.

"Because our national parks are so vast and cover some difficult terrain, many Utahns will never see these places in person," according to Only in Your State. "Luckily, a few responsible, professional filmmakers were able to capture some stunning footage to share. We’re grateful to Nathan Wynn for sharing his talents."

Wynn attests that he filmed the footage before the ban in 2014, which stopped people from using drones to film Arches and Canyonlands national parks, along with the Hovenweep and Natural Bridges national monuments.

Wynn said in the YouTube comments that he used to film when there weren't people around, and that he used the current drone footage for a film he's working on.

​Wynn said he's fine with the ban, because he wants to see the parks go undisturbed, too.

"I wish they could've allowed flying so long as nobody is bothered, but discerning if you bothered someone would also be hard," he wrote in the YouTube comments. "Peace and quiet is good. The average park visitor is not as respectful as I would like, and I am actually fine with them banning it."​

Watch the breathtaking footage below: