Herb Scribner, Deseret News
Josh James, founder and CEO of Domo, interviews popular Mormon DJ Kaskade at the Silicon Slopes tech summit in Salt Lake City on Friday.

Kaskade headlined an event that wasn’t a concert on Friday night.

The Mormon DJ, who’s known famously throughout the world for his smooth rhythms and hypnotic beats, spoke at the Silicon Slopes tech summit on Friday evening, acting as one of the event’s headliners.

Kaskade, real name Ryan Gary Raddon, who was announced as a keynote speaker about a week before the event, spoke candidly about what it's like to lead a business and build a brand. Kaskade, who attended Brigham Young University, delved into what makes the Beehive State so successful.

​He spoke exclusively with the Deseret News about faith, family and the state of Utah. Here's what he said.

​On visiting Utah:

"I've got family here. I always got to come out for my snowboard trip. We just came out for a week and rode Snowbird, which was amazing. I was here when it dumped."

​On his Mormon faith:

"I've been very vocal about who I am from the beginning. I'm a devout Mormon and that plays into my music and into my shows and everything I do. And I've never been scared to discuss those things with people, so I think that makes me a bit different from most celebrities on the landscape out there and certainly most DJs. But only in the small trivial ways. In saying that, I've still made many friends in the industry who are great, upstanding people regardless of difference of opinion on certain subjects."

​On spending time with family and work:

"Put the important things first. Prioritizing. What's important to you? I know what's important to me. I'm married and I have a beautiful wife, Naomi, and three kids, and making time for them is top of the list. Obviously, having a great career and supporting them is important too, so juggling those things and finding a way to make it work."

We've also collected all of Kaskade's greatest quotes from the event, which you can read below.

On family:

“I have a family. I always knew that’s what was important. It comes first for me.”

On celebrity:

“I’ve tried to stay out of the hurrah and all the hype that’s out there. I’ve tried to keep myself grounded and keep moving forward.”

On streaming service music:

“Good luck to everyone who’s trying to keep the copyright and keep the whole thing. I think we have a long road ahead of us and I don’t think the answer’s on the horizon.”

​On tech:

“Technology has just brought it to everybody. If you have a really good idea, you can make it happen.”​

On finding success:

“The road to success has become a lot different. You know, before we just had one path. You know, I’ll get signed and get on the radio. Now, it’s just not that.”

On Provo:

“I only had to stop a show once in my entire life. I said, ‘Stop, stop, or I’ll stop the show.' And it was in Provo. Only in Provo.”

On ​encouraging​ your children's passions​:​

“It’s simple. Get your kids out of the house. It’s happening all around us. … I think just letting your kids go out and experience that to a degree as you kind of watch them. I’m still new as a parent. We’ll see how that experiment plays out.”