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Charles Dharapak, AP
In this May 31, 2012, file photos, former President George W. Bush's daughters Jenna and Barbara have their photo taken in the East Room at the White House in Washington prior to the unveiling of President Bush's official portrait. The Bush twins penned a letter of advice to President Barack Obama's daughters that was published online by Time on Jan. 12, 2017.

Barbara Bush and Jenna Bush Hager wrote a letter to Sasha and Malia Obama on Thursday, offering them advice on life after living in the White House.

In the letter published by Time, the two sisters encouraged both Sasha and Malia to use everything they have learned during their father's eight years as president to do some good in the world.

"Take all that you have seen, the people you have met, the lessons you have learned, and let that help guide you in making positive change," Bush and Hager wrote. "We have no doubt you will. Traveling with our parents taught us more than any class could. It opened our eyes to new people as well as new cultures and ideas."

Bush and Hager told the Obama girls that even though they are leaving the White House, they still have so much to look forward to as they forge a new identity for themselves using the experiences of their time as first daughters as a guide for the future.

"You will be writing the story of your lives, beyond the shadow of your famous parents, yet you will always carry with you the experiences of the past eight years," the sisters wrote.

They encouraged the Obama girls to go to college (and enjoy it), keep in touch with all the people who helped them during the past eight years — including the Secret Service members who protected them — and to always be understanding of other people's journeys.

"Explore your passions. Learn who you are," Bush and Hager wrote. "Make mistakes— you are allowed to. Continue to surround yourself with loyal friends who know you, adore you and will fiercely protect you. Those who judge you don’t love you, and their voices shouldn’t hold weight. Rather, it’s your own hearts that matter."

But perhaps the most touching advice was about family. Bush and Hager encouraged the girls to love their parents as much as their parents love them — and to never forget the sacrifices and lessons their parents have taught them as they have grown throughout the years.

"You have lived through the unbelievable pressure of the White House," the sisters wrote. "You have listened to harsh criticism of your parents by people who had never even met them. You stood by as your precious parents were reduced to headlines. Your parents, who put you first and who not only showed you but gave you the world. As always, they will be rooting for you as you begin your next chapter. And so will we."

This isn't the first letter Bush and Hager have written to Sasha and Malia.

In 2009, Bush and Hager wrote a letter to the Obama sisters for the first time, preparing them for life in the White House and giving them advice on living in such unique circumstances.

At that time, they told the Obama daughters to surround themselves with people they can trust, still try to live a normal life and take advantage of every experience they could get.

"When your dad throws out the first pitch for the Yankees, go to the game," they wrote in 2009. "In fact, go to anything and everything you possibly can: the Kennedy Center for theater, State Dinners, Christmas parties (the White House staff party is our favorite!), museum openings, arrival ceremonies, and walks around the monuments. Just go. Four years goes by so fast, so absorb it all, enjoy it all!"

The recently-released letter seemed to have come full circle, as the two sisters explained what the two Obama girls could expect after they leave the White House, and not moving into it.

You can read the full letter here.