Billionaire elitist Peter Metcalf is at it again, telling us that his people can only enjoy Utah’s public lands if all those not in his exclusive club are given the boot. He needs to understand that “public” means everyone, not just those with the strength, health and leisure to access the beautiful places all Americans own.

To Peter and his comrades “protection” is synonymous with discrimination. “Protected” lands are those which exclude the majority of our people, both able and disabled.

Rather than giving in to his demands, we should invite him and his buddies to take their business elsewhere and make up the lost revenue by imposing a fee on all out-of-state public land users, just like we do at our universities, for the privilege of accessing our public lands.

This would more than make up for any losses from their meetings and conventions and we wouldn’t have to listen to endless threats and complaints anymore.

Rainer Huck

Salt Lake City