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Alfonso and Cynthia Urrea

A new mission president and his wife have been called by the First Presidency. They have already begun their service.

Alfonso Urrea Gutiérrez, 59, and Cynthia Thompson de Urrea, three children, Anáhuac Ward, Monterrey México Anáhuac Stake: México México City North Mission, succeeding President Todd Titensor and Sister Kathleen B. Titensor. Brother Urrea is a former stake president, stake presidency counselor, stake executive secretary, bishop, high councilor, and missionary in the México Veracruz Mission. Facilities manager, Corporation of the Presiding Bishop. Born in San José de Moradillas, México, to Doroteo Urrea Bañuelos and María Teresa Gutiérrez de Urrea.

Sister Urrea is a former ward Relief Society and Primary president, ward Relief Society and Primary presidency counselor, and ward Primary teacher. Born in Monterrey, México, to Manuel de Jesús Thompson and Catalina Elena González de Thompson.

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