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A Utah dad celebrated the state's recent barrage of snowfall by building his children a a backyard luge slide.

A Utah dad celebrated the state's recent barrage of snowfall by building a backyard luge slide with his kids.

Over the last few days, Thomas Williams and his 15 children (not a typo) built a 300-foot luge slide in the backyard of their South Jordan home, according to People magazine. The slide includes an 18-foot high castle.

The family used snow from their neighbors' yards to help build the project. It took a full two weeks to build after the Christmas Day storm that hit on much of Salt Lake Valley.

The 45-year-old Williams has built his children a slide every year, and he seems to like this year's (the 15th one) the best.

“It’s the biggest one ever — I don’t know how we’ll beat it next year,” Williams told People. “Every year, I tell my kids, ‘We’re never doing this again,’ but somehow, here we are again. It gets a little old, hauling all that snow, but wow — what a wicked ride.'”

His kids absolutely loved the experience, too, according to People. Daniel, 15, said that this year's is "scary fast" and "epic."

Meanwhile, Angel, 12, said he couldn't believe this year's model came to fruition.

“I never thought that he’d be able to make it wrap around our whole yard and through the gate and through the front yard, all the way to the street,” he said. “My dad is a lot of fun. It’s been awesome.”

You can watch the children slide down the epic luge slide in the video below (or click here if you're on the app).

But Williams isn't the only Utah dad to build something cool during the winter with his child. Reddit user tfrancis333 published a photo of a snowman built in the shape of BB-8, the lovable droid from "Star Wars: The Force Awakens."

The post, which you can see below, made the front page of Reddit.

Check out our R2-D2 we made!

A photo posted by Tony (@tony.fran.cis) on

The Utah dad, Tony Francis, said in the Reddit thread (which we didn't link to because of the mature language inside) that the BB-8 model was made with wet snow.

"It started raining this morning and my daughter was complaining we would never do it," he wrote on Reddit. "I was determined. We went out and it was rolling snow perfection."