Laura Seitz, Deseret News
People walk downtown in the freezing temperatures of Salt Lake City on Friday, Jan. 6, 2017.

Utah's male-female ratio leans male, but just barely.

OverFlow Data recently compiled an interactive map of all male-female demographics in every state, breaking down each state by colors (blue for male, pink for female) to show which way the populations lean.

It turns out that Utah mostly leans blue, but just barely. The state's 2,903,379 residents break down into 1,459,229 males and 1,444,150 females — a difference of 15,079 people. These same numbers pop up on the actual U.S. Census data.

Washington County, though, bucks the trend in the Beehive State. Females outnumber males 74,979 to 73,265.

​One quick view of the entire U.S. map shows that Eastern states, the Southwest and the Pacific Northwest, have heavy female populations. The Midwest and ​Intermountain area tend to have a bigger male population.

In general, though, the male population leads females by a ratio of 1.12 to 0.86.

You can view an interactive version of the map below.