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Screenshot, HighSpeedInternet.com
New data from HighSpeedInternet.com identified which Netflix show every state streams the most. Utah and Tennessee have a show in common.

Utah’s favorite Netflix show actually takes places in Connecticut.

New data from HighSpeedInternet.com identified which Netflix show people in every state streams the most. It turns out that Utah residents watch “Gilmore Girls” more than any other Netflix show. People in Tennessee are the only others that watch the comedic drama as much as those in Utah.

Residents in Idaho are the only ones to have “Stranger Things” at the top of their list.

Elsewhere in the Intermountain West, residents in Colorado watch “House of Cards," and “Narcos” leads the way in Nevada. “Orange is the New Black” tops Arizona's watchlist.

Wisconsin, meanwhile, is the only state to have “Fuller House” — which was touted as the most-watched television series in the nation — leading its state.

To find this information, a team of researchers reviewed the top 75 television shows and crossed referenced them with Google Trends data, according to the website.

Here’s a full look at the map:

What’s interesting about this map is that it shows certain shows appeal to regional demographics. According to Inverse, Southerners find appeal in shows about violence and drama, like “Scandal” and “Bloodline.” Meanwhile, female-led dramas, like “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend,” “Shameless” and “New Girl,” appeal to those in New England.

Shows also appealed based on cultural factors. For example, Wyoming and Kentucky, two states with high gun use, preferred gun-related shows, like “iZombie” and “The Walking Dead,” respectively, according to Inverse.

“Some of the closest correlations we found were not between a state and the setting of a show, but between the demographics of that state and the characters or premise of the show,” HighSpeedInternet explained. “Rather than leaning toward regional differences, much of the popular streaming content seemed to correlate with a few identifying factors.”

For Utah, “Gilmore Girls” makes sense because it’s a family-related show, and the Beehive State is often considered to be one of the most family-friendly parts of the country. Utahns' other favorie TV shows include family-friendly entertainment like “Once Upon a Tme” and competition shows.

And this isn’t the first piece of research to highlight Utah’s love for “Gilmore Girls.” Data from Estately, a website dedicated to buying and renting homes, found that the TV show — which once aired on The WB but has since been rebooted with a Netflix original miniseries — was the most Googled phrase among Utahns.

Netflix also chose two Utah coffee shops as locations to turn into local versions of Luke’s Diner, a prominent location on “Gilmore Girls.” As the Deseret News reported in October, Higher Ground Coffee, 2005 E. 3300 South, and Mestizo Coffee House, 631 W. North Temple, became Luke’s Diner for a day, offering drinks with the diner’s signature logo.

Adriana Martinez, supervisor and assistant manager of Mestizo, told the Deseret News in October that the show has a signficant audience in Utah, which is why she accepted Netflix’s offer.

“‘Gilmore Girls’ — it’s been around for 15 years,” she said in a phone interview. “It’s been a part of … pop culture, and people really love it and hold it to heart.”