Liberal Democrats continue to attempt to delegitimize the results of the recent presidential election, arguing that the Electoral College needs to be done away with in favor of a popular vote. Both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump were familiar with the rules of the game as each embarked on the campaign trail. Like it or not, President-elect Trump used the electoral map to his advantage, outsmarting and outworking the Clinton political machine without the kind of help from Russia that the liberal media would have us think.

One could argue with credibility that he won by an overwhelming majority, which he in fact did. Take away the votes from California and Trump wins the popular vote as well. A vast majority of Americans believe that this country has been on the wrong track. The electoral map undeniably bears this out. A corrupt career politician has born the wrath of the American electorate. Hillary Clinton represented an Obama third term, plain and simple. Donald Trump was elected to prevent a further decline of the America that most of us know and love. Democrats will continue to have a difficult time here in Utah because of the liberal policies which they espouse.

Ben Booth

West Bountiful