Scott Cramer
Dusk View of Park City Glowing. Scenic village from above with cool blue dusk light and glowing warm lights. Dusk View of Park City Glowing

SALT LAKE CITY — Salt Lake City’s friendly reputation went nationwide this week after Travel and Leisure ranked the Beehive State’s capital as the second friendliest city in the country.

Salt Lake placed just behind Nashville, Tennessee, but ahead of meager metropolises like Minneapolis/St. Paul, Kansas City, Missouri, and Oklahoma City.

Utah's capital city ranked so high because it treats “visitors like family,” according to Travel and Leisure.

The city also placed high in rankings for kid-friendliness as it offers a sense of adventure through activities like hiking, skiing and biking. The city also ranked high for its Christmas lights display and its food choices.

“Year-round, readers’ favorite food in SLC was the burger, in part because the city has its own regional quirk: pastrami-topped wonders, like the originals found at Crown Burgers,” according to Travel and Leisure.

Salt Lake also may be a good city for those looking to keep their New Year's resolutions. WalletHub ranked the capital city as the top place for keeping resolutions, saying that Salt Lake citizens do well to keep their weight loss and financial goals. The city is a good place for people who want to find a new job.

Salt Lake also had the second lowest amount of adult smokers, according to WalletHub.

Source: WalletHub

But Salt Lake wasn’t the only Utah city to receive positive nationwide accolades. Park City earned the No. 1 spot in the top mountain towns list from Travel and Leisure this week. Readers said that the skiing hub's hot spot shopping center and Olympic-ski terrain made it a pleasurable city to visit.

It helps too that the city’s core has a galore of galleries, restaurants and theaters.

“When the local mines closed, Park City, Utah, turned its ambitions above ground — to its 7,000 acres of Olympic-level ski terrain — helping it transition into one of the country’s premier resort destinations, and this year’s favorite mountain town,” according to Travel and Leisure.

Snow seems to be a constant theme for why Salt Lake and Park City have received praise. Both cities saw mounds of snow over the holiday weekend, with Park City schools shutting down on Tuesday, according to the Deseret News. Other school districts, like the Canyons School District, had a two-hour delay to the start of class.