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LaVell Edwards had some good one-liners.

Edwards died Thursday after a number of medical complications. The coach, who guided BYU from 1972 to 2000, bringing the school a national championship in 1984, changed the game of football, according to college football coaches.

Former BYU players reflected positively on the coach’s unique ability to remember each player and help him grow.

Steve Young, a former NFL star who played under Edwards at BYU, said the BYU coach always connected with those on his team, according to ESPN.

"The No. 1 quality that coach had was a gift — I'm going to say it was from heaven — that he had the ability to look at you and get a sense of you and be able to have a vision for your future. To see things that you didn't see, to see potential in you that you didn't know about. … It was personal to you."

Many will also remember Edwards for his turns of phrase. We’ve collected 14 great LaVell Edwards one-liners. Many were found on and the Deseret News.

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1. On reaction to WAC championship game berth in 1996:

"They used to say when we went to (the Holiday Bowl in) San Diego that BYU fans would bring a $50 bill and the Ten Commandments and never break either one of them.” (via Deseret News)

Credit: Tom Smart, Deseret News

2. On when he would retire:

"I'm taking it a year at a time. Very frankly, right now I can't think of anything I'd rather do. I like to play golf, but if that's all I had to do, it would drive me nuts." (via Deseret News)

Credit: Jerry Silver, Deseret News

3. On his childhood:

“My ambition was to be a coach, and that youthful dream is now a reality.” (via

Credit: Deseret News File Photo

4. On a Playboy magazine article’s prediction of BYU finishing 7-5:

“Not too many people read Playboy in Provo.” (via

Credit: Gary Mckellar, Deseret News

5. On not having a household name:

“That’s OK. They know me here. They cash my checks.” (via

Credit: Gary McKellar, Deseret News

6. Before he won the Holiday Bowl:

“I could just see my epitaph. It will read: ‘He won a thousand games, but he couldn’t win a bowl game.’” (via

Credit: Don Grayston, Deseret News

7. After he won the Holiday Bowl 46-45 in 1980:

“If I had any sense at all I’d quit right now.” (via

Credit: David Conley/i>

8. On the offseason:

“I very much plan on coming back here for next year’s bowl game. I don’t know whether my players will be joining me though.” (via

Credit: Deseret News File photo

9. On if he’d like a lifetime contract:

“No, you guys would just call me in after a losing season and pronounce me dead.” (via

Credit: Deseret News File Photo

10. On Navy coach George Welsh’s statement about having smart players:

“George, when it comes to football, I’d rather have ‘em big, fast and dumb.” (via

Credit: Tom Smart, Deseret News

11. On life goals:

“The goals and successes of my professional life pale in comparison to my personal goals of an eternal family, receiving exaltation and being with the Savior again.” (via The Daily Universe)

Credit: Deseret News File Photo

12. On losing 33-20 in 1981 to Wyoming:

“I'd rather lose and live in Provo than win and live in Laramie.” (via KSL)

Credit: Deseret News File Photo

13. On The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints:

“Being a member of the church has never placed any roadblocks in my personal and professional life.” (via The Daily Universe)

Credit: Laura Seitz, Deseret News

14. On handling adversity:

“Now brethren, how do we handle adversity? Adversity is going to be with us in everything that we do, almost in every facet of our lives — in our personal associations, in the mission field, in our chosen professions, in our families.” (via

Credit: Deseret News File Photo