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SALT LAKE CITY — From Times Square digital displays to individual Facebook feeds, the LDS Church's advent calendar of suggestions for Christlike-service is generating interest among millions.

The main video in the "Light the World" initiative has earned more than 34 million views, according to a church blog. The 25 shorter videos with daily service suggestions leading up to Christmas have garnered over 30 million views.

Together with the 3.5 million views a preview video earned in November, the initiative has surpassed 68 million video views that encourage people to follow Jesus Christ's example of service.

At this pace, the initiative's reach will exceed past efforts. The church has released videos at Easter and Christmas since 2014, drawing tens of millions of views each time, in an effort to share messages of Christ and provide church members and others with content about him that they can share. The messages now reach virtually all of the world's more than 230 nations and territories.

"Light the World" and its accompanying advent project, "In 25 Ways. Over 25 Days," launched on Dec. 1 with a worldwide day of service sponsored by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Since then, hundreds of thousands of people have been following the 25 suggestions of service by honoring their parents or feeding the hungry. Each suggestion begins with Christ's example, like "Jesus saw potential in others and so can you," and includes three ideas. Many are sharing their experiences with the hashtag #lighttheworld.

The initiative's launch included two static billboards and four digital boards in Times Square, pointing people to The church has promoted the campaign on billboards around the world.

The Christmas initiative runs through January 1, 2017.