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Elder Ronald A. Rasband is shown with his family in a new video released on Mormon Channel.

Just over a week after Elder Dale G. Renlund’s “Special Witness” video was posted by Mormon Channel, a new video of Elder Ronald A. Rasband’s “Special Witness” was shared on Thursday.

Filmed in Salt Lake City, the video shows Elder Rasband speaking of his pioneer ancestors. He tells of their conversion to the gospel of Jesus Christ, their emigration to America and their trek West to join their fellow saints in Salt Lake City.

“What moved them on?” Elder Rasband asks in the video. “What pushed them forward? It was a sure testimony of the Lord Jesus Christ. I did not pull a handcart across the plains, but as a great-grandson of pioneers, what they felt, I feel, and what they knew, I know: that Jesus is the living Christ, the Son of God. I love him and this is his church.”

He explains how their sacrifices have blessed his life. The video shows footage of Elder Rasband with his wife, children and grandchildren, all of whom have been impacted by the examples of their pioneer ancestors.

Elder Rasband also speaks of modern-day pioneers whom he has had the opportunity to meet around the world.

Watch the video here.