Kristin Murphy, Deseret News
FILE — Jonathan Luther and co-founder Daniel Harmon work at VidAngel in Provo on Thursday, Aug. 21, 2014.

VidAngel will continue its legal battle with Hollywood studios, the company announced Tuesday night.

At a press conference in Provo, CEO Neal Harmon announced that the company won't end its streaming service following a Los Angeles judge's decision to grant a preliminary injunction on the company.

Instead, VidAngel will appeal the decision.

“The legal battle for filtering is far from over,” Harmon said, according to a statement. "We are seeking a stay of the injunction and are appealing the judge’s decision. But as we fight through the legal process, VidAngel will continue to be America’s home for family-friendly content."

Harmony also announced a new project called VidAngel Studios, which will offer original family-friendly content.

"Beginning in 2017, we’ll offer original family-friendly content, with technical innovations that will provide a unique experience," Harmon said.

This announcement comes a day after a Los Angeles judged filed an injunction against the company, siding with Hollywood studios who said the streaming service didn't have the right to stream and filter films for family-friendly audiences.

As Whitney Evans detailed in this report, VidAngel has long argued that it has the right to share these videos because of the 2005 Family Movie Act, which allows people to pause or mute movies they own.