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That startup is Daplie, a Provo-based company that has created a device that will give families their own cloud.

Soon, your home may have a cloud of its own, thanks to a Utah startup.

That startup is Daplie, a Provo-based company that has created a device that will give families their own digital storage cloud.

Daplie is basically a physical device that “allows you to protect, share, and stream your entire digital library from anywhere in the world and we've designed it to be simple enough for Grandma to set up and use,” according to the company’s website.

The device is now available for preorder. You can own the device with a $135 donation to the device's Indiegogo page. So far, Daplie has raised $264,555 from 922 backers. Its initial goal was $32,500.

Watch the video below for more on the Daplie device.

Daplie hopes to “take back the internet” with its device, which allows users to move their photos from their iCloud, Dropbox and Google accounts into their own home server instead.

“In a world gone wild with connected devices, we are striving to put the ‘I’ back in internet,” co-founder AJ ONeal said in a press release. “We enable normal everyday people to have the convenience of their very own Cloud Server to manage their digital lives, completely in the safety and privacy of their own home. Which also means no storage limits, no monthly fees, and greater security and autonomy.”

The Provo-based company seems to be on the verge of success, too. According to the Nasdaq, Daplie’s rise comes as the market for better cloud devices is about to boom.

Nasdaq estimates the cloud industry will be worth $80 billion by the year 2020.

“It's a $5 million company now, but it could be worth many times that in a few years as it addresses the $80 billion cloud market,” according to Nasdaq.

Daplie Vice President Brian Bourgerie told the Desere News that you can invest in a class A stock right now. The company also runs reward and equity crowdfunding campaigns.

"We are the first Utah company to use the new regulation equity crowdfunding law passed in May that allows anybody to invest as little as $100 in startups and small businesses," he said.

You can also invest in the company on its Indiegogo page.

Time will tell if the company’s mission will sit well with buyers and consumers.

“We believe all your digital content should be in one place, in the privacy of your home, not scattered ‘somewhere out on the internet,” the company’s Indiegogo page reads.